In light of the proposals intended to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid coming out of Washington, DC, we need to make one thing clear: Medicare is the solution. Not the problem.

A majority of Americans support improved Medicare-for-all. Now is your chance to show why you do!

Already, dozens of people from coast to coast have sent us videos about why they support improved Medicare-for-all. Check it out.

Now we want you to put your story on the map! Help us show that we are a national movement supporting the same solution to our health and fiscal crisis: improved Medicare-for-all!

To submit, please:
1) Record and upload your video to YouTube (keep your video about one-minute).
2) Include in the video:
—Your name
—What city and state you live in
—What your profession is and/or if you are affiliated with a particular group (political, volunteer, faith-based, etc.)
—Why YOU support the right to healthcare and expanding Medicare for all.
3) Send the link to your video to

Whether you’re liberal, conservative, rich, poor, young, or old we want to hear from you!

For more information or to volunteer for this project, contact To donate, go here.