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Advisory Board

Medea Benjamin - Code Pink
Bonnie Castillo - California Nurses Association/National Nurses United
Leo Gerard - United Steelworkers
David Himmelstein, MD - Physicians for a National Health Program
Terry O'Neill - National Organization for Women
Cecil Roberts - United Mine Workers
Ethel Long Scott - Women's Economic Agenda Project


Katherine Asuncion - Student Immigrant Movement
Don Bechler - Single Payer Now
Laura Dominguez - Health Care for All Texas/National Nurses Organizing Committee
Mark Dudzic - Labor Campaign for Single Payer
Nijmie Dzurinko - Put People First Pennsylvania
Rebecca Elgie - Single Payer New York
Oliver Fein, MD - Physicians for a National Health Program
Gerald Friedman - University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Rosalia Guerrero - University of Texas School of Public Health
Lindy Hern - University of Hawaii at Hilo
Geri Katz - Minnesota Nurses Association
Judith Lerma - Health Care for All Texas/National Nurses Organizing Committee
Michael Lighty - Sanders Institute
John Lozier - Nashville activist
Holly Miller - National Nurses United
Aziza Nassar - Access Living/ADAPT Chicago
Lisa Patrick-Mudd - Single Payer Now
Mark Piotrowski - Tallahassee activist
Katie Robbins - Campaign for New York Health
Ibrahima Sankare - UCLA Medical Center
Bob Sisler - Retirees for Single Payer Health Care
Donna Smith - Progressive Democrats of America
Paul Y. Song, MD - Campaign for a Healthy California
Walter Tsou - Health Care for All Philadelphia
Rita Valenti - Healthcare-NOW! Georgia
Vashti Winterburg - Kansas Healthcare for All
Cindy Young - J. Glynn & Company
Bill Zoda - Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals